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Independent Label Services

Breakneck Records Independent Label Services are here to help  your music project. 


Services include:


- Website design, build and hosting

- Email configuration and hosting

- Web domain sourcing and linking to your site

- Worldwide digital music distribution  

- Social Media and promotional strategy, setup, and management

- Band or Album launch planning and support

- Venue Booking

- Live band video / Film clip shoot, editing, and production

- Youtube channel setup and management

- Press Release writing

- Tour planning and booking

- Press email and promotional contacts lists

- Festival and Grant application writing

- Logo and graphics design

- Album and poster art design and print

- Album media (Vinyl, CD, tape) production sourcing

- Band Merch design and sourcing

- Gig or Album Photography

- Band and gig contract drafting and reviews

- Trade marks, copyright and music legal services

For a free chat about where you'd like to take your project..

Case Study - Northside Pleasure Club

"What started as a simple website build quickly rolled into full service independent label services including website and email hosting, social media setup and strategy, album photography and artwork design, video clip shoot and editing, press release, launch venue booking and support, and now ongoing band booking and social media management. 

Through Breakneck's supplier relationships we saved more than $10k from our album launch budget.

Not only are they extremely efficient and capable, they are also some of the nicest people you could meet.

Breakneck Records' support has bolted my project from standing start in the new digital music economy to a level of professionalism, recognition and success I could not have achieved without their help. 

Not only have they done the work, they have set up, and taught me how to use the tools so I can now do it for myself.

Breakneck Records Independent Label Services are to bands and artists what coffee is to functional humans. You can struggle by without, but once tried you quickly learn they are essential in every way

He is THE MAN."                   


 - Charlie Coupland

 Northside Pleasure Club

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